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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fabric birdies exchange

Ok, guessing ENGLISH is NOT my first language! LOL!
I made the birds..with the patterns..but if I had actually READ the patterns, I would have had less issues! LOL
The pic on the floor of all the birds, well the RED one is very very fat. more like a pin appears I was reading the pattern wrong.. yes seems when it says on the fold fabric 1 and then fabric 2.. means cut ONE of each!! LOL, I cut two of the bellies, sewed them to the bird then together, making the VERY FAT BIRD!! so the black and white one looks a bit better..then you have the ugly bird..sorry Ann, that was my first one and your fabric!! gonna try / attempt to fix/correct so it doesn't look quite so ugly!!! still have feathers I can add!!
ok, back to my xs...hugs to all!

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