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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CQ4Newbies, Helinas block for Sky Blue Color Study

Hello! so busy!! OK, this is Helina from Finlands block I did some work on.. such beautiful fabrics she used! there is some silk, cotton, feels like a velvet!
I did the herringbone stitch, two rows, added some detached chain stitches for leaves and added beads below that.. then some swirly lines made of chain stitches.. added some blue lace, then the feather stitch, two rows and added blue beads to one of them. Some detached chain flowers with French knots for centers and a tiny butterfly in gold. I also did the blanket stitch with French knots for flowers above it and aded a sequined butterfly. I really enjoyed working on this block! It is going to be beautiful when it returns home to Finland!


Ruby said...

Lori, thanks for posting about the blue block. It is lovely. I really like the double row of herringbone with flowers! I really like all your work. Good job.

I think I received one of your needle books in the swap. Will post soon.


Lori said...

WooHoo! so glad you liked the block and the explaination!! I got my needlebooks too! going to post shortly!