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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mail Call

Wow! so far this week, and it's only Wednesday, great mail packages received!
In the CQ4N group, I received two Birdhouse from SuzyRed in the UK, who is a newbie at Crazy quilting,(and from this block you could never tell!) Love the tatted butterfly, all of your ribbon work, and so many different birds! and the List Mom's block, Lesa! Lesa's is the mostly yellow one and I love them both!Lesa's stitches are so even!, neat and well worked! great blocks!! so much talent and stitching went into these, and I can feel the love!ladies, thank you both so very very much!!

Then I received a prize from a game we played on XScircle..Carolyn sent me the cutest little kit to make for my granddaughters from Busy Bees!

Also Barb, in International Hand Stitchers sent me another dotee ! this time blue, and so much beading went into this one! the Sunflower was from our last exchange! very cute! She also send me a hand towel with a stamped apple on it! and some lace doileys for my CQ stitching!

Also received a blue block, we are doing a "Singing the Blues" in the CQ group, 36 ladies are sending out their blocks this week..and I received Helinas in the mail today! can't wait to get started on it!

WOW! so much going on! enjoy the day!


Maddie Can Fly said...

The other block is from Susie Watts -- not Suzie Red. Thanks for the compliment on my stitches. I'm glad the blocks got to you so fast.

susan said...

You are a fortunate girl to have such a great mail call day! I love all of your 'mail' but I have to say the beauty and simplicity of Lesa's block is so appealing. What a neat idea to do the hexagon's, reminiscent of sane quilting as a motif!


Lori said...

thanks Lesa for settine me straight! off to thank Susie W!!!