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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, my friend Beth blogs about her dialysis, and I figure this will be an easy way to keep my family and friends updated....soooooo
Transplanted kidney is doing very well! for a damaged one, 8.4 creatine, the level has now dropped to 1.6 as of Monday! WooHOO! 1.2 is like perfect so hey!
Because of some breathing issues, like not...the pulminary doctor I saw yesterday has scheduled a few tests..tomorrow morning, (poor Daughter Donna and 3 kids) are taking me to Baystate for a Venus other words, ultra sound study on my legs. I am retaining fluid and they are looking for blood clots, cause I have a history of them.IF they find one, I will be back in the don't worry if I am not here, I will get word out somehow..for heparin and biggy.
Then a lung scan on the 22..looking for issues with the heart/lungs..that one is nuclear so has to be done in the hospital with needles, some mask that will fill the lungs looking for leaks? Hopefully it's all just the fluid they put on me for the surgery! OK PT therapy is here...gotta run!

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