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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Transplant update

Hi! my friend Beth updates her blog about her dialysis and life and I thought it would be easier for me to at the moment..
Doing good after the transplant..few minor issues..Saw the pulminary doctor yesterday, ozxygen levels are fine but difficulty with breathing so I am having a untrasound, venous dopler test on my legs tomorrow looking for blood clots ( I have a history) then a chest exray as I have lots of fluid retention..then blood work and doctor (transplant doc) appt...then we should be good for tomorrow! Thankfully I have a wonderful family support system! my husband has been just wonderful, caring, worried, and loving! my daughter has been hauling me around to all of these doctors cause they are not quite ready to let me loose at the wheel yet!
daughter has a few emails so if I have to go back in for the clots, someone will get an email..
thanks to all...sorry for adding to my blog this way, but thought it might be easiest! seems we forgot to tell a few people the first time!

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