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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Kidney Transplant!!!!

Well it's official! I got my new kidney!!! My birthday was June 26..on the 27th I called transplant and they told me once again I was a hard match because of antibodies and antigents and all so will have to wait for a match, could be 6 more years on dialysis (been on dialysis for three) I had a transplant, donor was Mom 18 years ago and it failed after 15 years...sooooo
when I got a call the very next day on Saturday asking me how fast I could get to the hospital I was in total shock! they found me a match! almost perfect! coming in from Texas, a little damaged, but doable but my Blood pressure was a constant 65/40, very low for surgery..low and behold I have prayers, wishes and dreams all answered from above and my friends and family! I am home, doing well, and getting stronger!!
thank you to all of you for everything your friendships especially...YOU are what have kept me going with the groups and my stitching!!
Thank you all so much!!!!!!


Kathy said...

Congratulations! Praise God! So glad it all went well.

Cathy K said...

What a heartwarming post! Congratulations, best wishes, and hugs 'n stuff! Here's to your continued good health and happiness!
Cathy K

Ruth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Heal quickly and stay healed! :) Thanks for sharing yor miracle.

Gerry said...

What a wonderful birthday surprise! Wishing you a quick recovery and lasting health.

Lori said...

thanks so much, my friends! a few minor issues but doing OK..lots of pills!!!
but back to my love of stitching and soon I will be out and about!!