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Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodies received!

What a mail day! I received 4 Dottee dolls in trade from FAT group! and they are all so different! OK, I need to make more of these for trade! they are so much fun! Thank you Dot for creating them!
I received a beautiful heart from a Friend, Claire at HGTV! what a sweetheart! it's so dainty and delicate looking and her stiches and SRE are to die for!
I received two Hearts and Flowers Showers from my friends at CQ4Newbies! what a great project and I signed up to give back to others, like play if forward! Diane M and Susie! I love both blocks and can't wait to add them to my blocks and make a wall hanging for all to admire! thank you ladies!
I also received a CQ block RR for Lillian in FLS..want to get that done ASAP and on to the next person!
thank you all for making my day shine a little brighter!
Huge Hugs!!!


Diane said...

Lori, you are so welcome! I'm so pleased you liked the block I started for you. It was a temptation to keep on embroidering it, but I did leave some room for you.

Lori said...

thanks so much, it's lovely!!