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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Summer STS

This block is for CQforNewbies and it is the last and final block of the Season To Season Blocks. This is my summer block that I will be sending to Gerry to forward to my partner.
I did across the bottom of the block, The butterflies above a stitch that I 'borrowed' from Christy, love that flower stitch, and then the vines and lady bug with the butterfly,The water scene, maybe my partner can add a little more, mind went blank. The the apple tree witht he butterfly charm, and above that a seam treatment I 'borrowed' from Janet. Once again, I love that beaded seam!
Thank you ladies!


gocrazywithme said...

I'm very flattered that you borrowed a seam treatment from me. Do that anytime you feel like it! It just pleases me to no end to think I've inspired someone!
Great block. Love the colors and all the animal life. Crazy Judyth may confiscate it though, with the chicken....

Diane said...

That really is a pretty seam. And I just love your tree.