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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thelmas Kitty Block RR

This is Thelmas block and I worked on it but it doesn't look finished! What more can or should I have done?


Kathy said...

Your block is really lovely. Nice choice of stitches and ribbons. May I suggest perhaps some beads on the buttonhole stitch in the tan section (above the circular cat picture). Or another row of stitches in a contrasting color opposite the buttonhole stitch.

I know I like suggestions on my work, always opens up another train of thought and sometimes one of those "AH" moments.

I enjoyed looking at all your pictures. The teapot is cute. I am somehow trying to incorporate "tea party" type embellishments in my block I am working on. Perhaps you have some suggestions for me.

McKate said...

I love your block as it is. Personally I think less is more. Sometimes when there is too much, something get's overlooked when admiring. This way, you can appreciate it all. I love the lorelei lady. I have a collection of lorelei and hope to be able to use them as well as you did. Well done.

Candi said...

Lori the block looks great! Maybe it's just that the seam treatments could stand out a bit more. Possibly add to them? You do beautiful work and I truly admire it.

Christy said...

There's lots of ways to fill patches.

Silk ribbon embroidery, motifs, redwork, blackwork, large seam treatments, beaded designs, applique fabric pieces are just some ideas. Of course, there is always gorgeous fabric that doesn't deserve to be covered up!

Hope I helped....