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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mystery Trade Items

Hi! these are some of the Mystery Trade items I received after hosting the trade in Fiber Art Traders! Gabriela sent me the Lavender Sachet, oohh, it's beautiful red with gold threads running through it and it smells GREAT!
The doll is from Wanda. The heart comes off and there are words of love all over the doll! she writes so tiny and neat! The ATC is from Melissa. It's made of leather it looks like and is erally kewl! I love the saying "find that perfect One" with the hand and the buttons! I love trading! You get the greatest items back!
And this is one of the best groups on the Web!
Thank you NJ!

1 comment:

Threadhead said...

Hi Lori,
so nice of you to have my heart in your Blog!
Like I said, it's nice to see my heart back in Connecticut!