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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cancer donation block

Ok, this is what I made for the Cancer donation block.. To explain...
I took muslin, then this gorgeous piece of fabric in shades of blues and greens. Placed it over the muslin. added "pillars" I cut three strips of brown fabric, I did zigzag one edge (maybe that can be a shadow) then hand stitched down the left side. add some embroidery stitches, feather stitch to appear like seaweed..Added some fancy threads, in greens and browns for more plant life. I had this wonderful fabric from a friend of mine, Judyth, that appeared like the floor of the sea, then added shells she gave me, pearls and some charms I found looking like clam shells. The fish is a lace motif I purchased from Susan Nixon's group of Lacebuys. Added white beads for bubbles from the fish, then more larger "bubbles" going up to the surface.
The netting was a Christmas ribbon that was tied on a package. I thought it was sparkly enough and would hold the seashells. then I tacked around them so they would'nt move.. I just need to finish off the ends somehow and tack it onto the board for Virginia...
Hope this is enough explaination!!
thanks for reading!


morningDove said...

yes you explained it quite good. I love the lace fish and the ribbon Christmas even more now that you shared about it. great piece of handwork. Envious of handwork but still afraid to try.

Anonymous said...

beautiful block lori!!! wonderful creativity and handwork!! I love it.. Carol