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Friday, March 23, 2007

Tammy's Christening outfits

My best friend that past away in November, her daughter Tammy is having her second baby. Because Liz is no longer around, I wanted to make something special for her. I crocheted the Christening outfit then made a second dress of seersucker with lace. She can use one during the ceremony and the other for the rest of the day.
Unfortunately, I am a Jack of many trades, but a master of none!


Cathy said...

How thoughtful of you! I'm certain her daughter, Tammy will treasure these and thank her lucky stars her mom had friends like you! Thank you so much for sharing these beauties!

{from CQ for Newbies group}

Candi Harris said...

Lori, you're such a wonderful friend:) I'm sure this is something that Tammy will cherish forever! They're just beautiful.

Charlene said...

As beautiful as the dresses are, your thoughtfulness is much more touching to me! I'm sure your dear friend is smiling down upon you with love!